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Technical Analysis Mastery Program |Learn Technical Analysis Course | Focusing on CMT Curriculum

This program focuses on learning CMT Curriculum and gaining practical expereince with renowned market practioner, Mr.Ehtesham Khan ,CMT, CFTe. Find out the details of the curriculum, Modules – 3 Modules | 02 Months each Course Duration – 06 Months Module 1 – Introduction to Technical Analysis (02 Months, 10 Lessons) Module 2 – Theory and Analysis (02 Months, 10 Lessons) Module 3 – The Integration of Technical Analysis (02 Months, 14 Lessons)

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“Technical Analysis Course, where  I was enrolled in was very informative and tought me to understand  Pakistani market with local example with the help of Technical Analysis Patterns and Indicators . Sir Ehtesham and his team is very talented and humble interms of sharing there knolwedge and skills set.  ”

Ehtesham Khan, CMT,CFTe

Founder, RoboCap. Professional Trader & Coach

Ehtesham’s core expertise and dedication over the past 2 decades has been to understand and master the art of price action trading. He has extensive knowledge, proven abilities and a Professional fund management experience at a very senior level over more than a decade (13+ Years) in a sovereign funds and financial institutions.

Ehtesham’s current activities include sharing knowledge about stock market trading, co-chairing CMT Association, Pakistan as well as providing coaching for aspiring traders via the Market Think Tank Platform. He is also an energetic entrepreneur, savvy investor and philanthropist.

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