About Ehtesham Khan

Who is Ehtesham Khan?

Founder of Market ThinkTank, Professional Fund Manager for Sovereign Fund since 2007, Wealth Coach, CMT Co-Chair for Pakistan, Portfolio Adviser, Father & Husband 

With the beginning of the Election Year in Pakistan 2018, we have a lot going on here at Market ThinkTank. It’s been over 4 years now since our first Technical Analysis course we offered to our audience under the banner name of Society of Technical Analyst Pakistan in 2014.

The idea for the website first came up in 2014. The intention was to register the calls on market, a technical analysis blog. I wanted to share ideas about what I’m seeing around the market. We started this blog in 2017, this small blog quickly turned into hundreds of unique visitors from across the world who wants to learn and know about what happening around the world technically.

Since September, 2007  to date (almost a decade now) I am managing a sovereign fund of one of the most reputed financial institution in Pakistan (Pak Brunei Investment Company ltd.) ,with the goal of managing equity exposure with risk adjusted return consistently over the years. After several years of requests from all over the world, we launched Market ThinkTank Platform in 2017 to provide technical analysis training and commentary across all asset classes to investors worldwide.

We also launched a Training Course, which is an Educational segment of the site dedicated to helping users grow their knowledge of technical analysis. I encourage you to go check out curriculum of our course.

I grew up in one of the densely populated cities in the world Karachi, Pakistan and I’m a big Polo fanatic. When I’m not looking at charts, I’m probably either Playing or watching a Polo game. Many times it’s a combination of the all of them. I’m not really into golf. I’ve only met Hamid Ali (Coach Polo Team & Equestrian Club in England) once and his advice was, 

“If you want to catch a ball, be with the smartest player of the opposite team, he will take you to ball”.

I still remember the exposure of Technical Analysis, I got first time when my father (Mir Alam Khan) asked me to read a Technical Analysis report, he introduced me to Technical analysis when I was just 16 years old. Thank You Dad!

I graduated from University of Karachi with a degree in Finance and completed Specialization in Business and Financial Modeling from The Wharton School, Coursera. I have spent more than 12 years in total in Investment Management

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Industry, primarily in Portfolio Management, Strategy building & Advance Technical Research on Frontier and Emerging Markets.

During my stint at a small brokerage house, I was initially very intimidated with people sitting around me at work that were twice my age, and in some cases 3 times my age, that pretended  to have a handle on the market. I guess I was just fortunate enough to quickly realize that these people didn’t know anything and they were doing themselves and their clients a disservice.

I started reading Technical Analysis literature. I spent a lot more time on reading and understanding Bob Prechter’s blog and I was a subscriber of his blog for very long time. Half way through Pring Martin’s book, Technical Analysis Explained, I thought I could be the next George Sores at the age of 22 Years because I started trading in Gold and made “luckly” good gains during the run in 2007.. But little do I know that I had to learn a lot more in this journey. 

After enrolling into CMT program, I have passed three levels of CMT program, In 2015 I awarded prestigious CMT Charter by the CMT Association. Prior to enrolling myself into the CMT program, I naively believed that I’m an expert in Technical Analysis, The program was an eye opener for me and made me realize how little I knew.

Since then I had experienced multiple cycles of bulls and bear spells to understand the fact that I don’t know anything at all. No one does. The market is going to do what it wants and it doesn’t care what any of us think, especially me.

 “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing” Plato

So I’ve learned the hardway that, the less you predict the better you will be. Fact says, no one can tell what will happen, we learn this fact gradually, it’s been an iterative learning process.

I can’t predict the future, but I can understand present.

I more often employ the use of Japanese Candlesticks for my regular analysis. I usually traverse data set weekly and monthly for better understanding of the market direction. I keep my chart clean and minimalistic– just Price and Volume. You’d be surprised how much you clarity you can see in a chart when you remove all the clutters.

Because I believe clarity lies in Simplicity.

Same goes true for the trading time horizon. I look out weeks and months. I don’t believe in day trading, but I also don’t try to expect what happens next year. It’s an intermediate-term time horizon. Not too long-term and not immediate term either. It don’t believe in long-term,

“In the long run we are all dead” John Maynard Keynes

For better understanding of market direction, I use Trend Lines. This helps with the day to day or week to week changes in a trend. If you’re using candlesticks or bar charts for trend, you should consider highs and lows of the charts. Also line chart can be used.

Moreover, I like to use Sentiment and intermarket analysis to complement all of the price activity across markets. But in terms of my chart setup, this is my analysis work flow which is a result of rigorous fine tuning over the years. This is the journey of perfection that will continue.

The market has taught me, the hard way, to leave my ego behind and always “Accept” that none of us know anything about future. Never try to predict future, just follow trend at its best, we can’t be leader in any market but we can be the first follower in the league.

“It’s not about being Right it’s ONLY about Making money”

I hope my humble thoughts have added value to you! Thank you for visitng MarketThinkTank.com. I invite you to join us.

Ehtesham Khan, CMT, CFTe Founder, Market ThinkTank


Feedback & Reviews

Right Analysis is the fuel for success for any size organization across all industries. As the Pulse rate of your body is the Data for Your Doctor, Prices in Financial Markets are Data for the Smart investors.

” The way instructor teaches in this platform is really amazing. Like the analysis work of team as well, specially  KSE100 Index trend analysis  is very helpful.”

Salman Pervaiz

Financial Manager at Acme

” Trading and Technical Analysis approach by Mr.Ehtesham and his team has been very valuable.  “

Russell Kennedy

Sr. Fund Manager at Globex

” Commodities and Currencies analysis on the blog post update is very helpful in real time analysis purpose.  “

Janice Griffin

Senior Reserach Analyst at Dynamic

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