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Embark on your journey to becoming a Chartered Market Technician with our expert-led, interactive courses, designed to offer an in-depth understanding of technical analysis and the CMT curriculum. Our seasoned market professionals bring real-world experience to small, personalized classes, ensuring a rich learning environment. 

 Our approach not only prepares you for the CMT exam but also equips you with skills for real-world market analysis, supported by tailored study plans, continuous resources, and individualized mentorship, setting the stage for your success in the field of market technicals.

2024 Level I cmt class

Market ThinkTank (MTT) packages for the 2024 CMT level I Exam are on Sale Now!  Our Package includes Smart high Yielding Study Notes, Online LIVE Classes , Video Recording After Class , Live Q&A Sessions, Study Planner and much more.

Ensure content retention and confidence on your exam day by attending our CMT® exam prep with Live Weekly Classes. If your location prevents you from attending one of traditional classroom sessions, we’ve got you covered. Our 12-week block of Live Online Classes is also led by CMT charterholders and covers the intense material in a very simplified way. All you need is a consistent internet connection and a relaxed chair.

All MTT lectures and Study Notes are updated for 2023. Some additional material will be released soon. For full detail of the CMT Level I Curriculum updates Click here.  

Study Notes

Our high-Yield study notes will help you to stay on track throughout the exam preparation & master the core area of exam topics. 

There are expectedly 41 to 44 Chapters in Level I, 2024  CMT Curriculum, which includes almost 210+ Learning Outcome Statements, and Our study notes smartly aims to cover all of them. 

Study Strategy & Schedules

Exam is purely based from the curriculum . Our study strategy helps candidates to smartly covers key topic area in all chapters and gets a handson grip on the topic in order to perform better on Exam day. Also we conclude concepts which are defined in so many pages in topics , in a reduced and bullets points. 

Live Online Class

Apart from scheduled recorded video lectures , Our Live Online Class helps candidates to ask different questions/concepts directly with instructors , which  will be answered by experienced instructors LIVE. 

  • On-Demand Topic Illustrations
  • 190+ LOS Coverage with Example.
  • 40+ Readings Illustrations.
  • Live Question/Answer

This brings lots of perfection in term of answering questions on Exam day. 

Overview cmt level I 2024


CMT LEVEL I 2024 : Level I of CMT Program is primarily includes an Introduction to Technical Analysis, which depicts required skills set necessary for an entry level analyst.  After learning level I of CMT Program, one can easily discuss the important Technical Analysis concepts and terminologies.

 Click below to get details of CMT level I Curriculum Topics. 


CMT designation helps investors to separate emotions and allows them to gauge market directions in a better manner. 

CMT helps you to improve your timing decisions in investing in markets by exactly answering you WHEN to invest. 


video source: cmt association , usa

Time is money

Our smart learning program for this difficult exam helps, you to be on track and learn smartly all topic area.

We ensure , you know all key concepts before exam, so your confidence on the exam day will be higher as compare to your peers candidates. 

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recorded cmt level i lectures

Get the high-yielding CMT Level I supplementary notes. 

Our detailed study notes cover all the learning outcome statements. Includes practical examples to help you retain key concepts on exam day.From start to finish, MTT has you covered. From early days up till your revision and final exam practice! 

Technical analysis course

We will help you to set up and ace your CMT Program exam. Watch our most popular recorded class videos.

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