Technical Analysis Live Free Charts is provided by TradingView. This interactive charting tools offering 1000 of real-time charts which covers Commodities, Stocks, Indices , Future, Crypto currencies and Economy.

It also incorporates  multiple technical indicators (Over 60)  and more than 10 time frames for Technical analysis.

What is live chart?

Live charts is a real-time price information chart that includes multiple instruments , primarily stocks,indices,commodities,currencies,ETFs, bonds , cryptocurrencies, and futures.

It helps traders to take decisions in real time intraday price performance basis.

Are TradingView charts real time?

Yes! has partnered with TradingView Platform which is one of the best  real-time provider of stock charts, where easy to handle charting platforms helps traders to customized there analysis needs, share there ideas with others and follow others ideas as well.  TradingView is not just an interactive charting platform but also considered as social media site for technical analysis users.

What is the best chart for day trading?

Day traders normally use real time chart for the in depth day trading price information, which includes multiple time frame within the day. Day Trading uses  variety of price information for the best result of there decisions and tradingview helps them by providing such information on daily basis that includes 4 hourly, 3 hourly, 2 hourly, 1 hourly, 45 minutes, 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes and 1 minute charts.  Which is 10 different time frame for price analysis on intraday basis.

Is Tradeview free? offers free version of TradingView right now. Tradingview has 4 different plans, where one is free and other three are paid, however, you can get paid version also free for 1-month. 


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