How to “Buy Low” or “Sell High” at different opportunities

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  • Format: Four sessions | 1.5 hour
  • Instructor: Ehtesham A.Khan, CMT
  • Level: Intermediate

Learn how to buy low and Sell high at different Opportunities in market. As we know “location” is a mantra for real estate investments, so is “buy low, sell high” for Smart trader.With the help of technologies, research and detailed studies, we have proven tools that can help us to identify good opportunities.  Indicators that will yell at computer screen to tell you when it’s time to Enter or Exit.This is what, our aim is to teach you in this course. Over one hour, our own Ehtesham Khan, CMT will make you better at recognizing trends on multiple degrees of trend.

That way, you can apply “buy low and sell high” to several, not just one, opportunities

2 reviews for How to “Buy Low” or “Sell High” at different opportunities

  1. Syed Azhar Ellahi

    i LIKE the way of teaching of Sir Ehtesham. Highly professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended , he is the best.

  2. Azman Shah

    best of luck to Market thinktank team. I learned alot in this course. Mr.Ehtesham is a through professional trader. I like his expertise in the field of Technical Analysis. I think he is the most renowned Muslim Technical Analyst around the world.

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