Introduction To Technical Analysis

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Unlock the secrets of the financial markets with our dynamic ‘Introduction to Technical Analysis’ course. Dive into chart patterns, trend analysis, and powerful trading indicators over an action-packed month. Transform from a beginner to a savvy market analyst, all while crafting your own winning strategies.

Join us for an exhilarating journey into the heart of technical trading!

  • Format: 1 Month | 1 hour Each Sessions
  • Instructor: Ehtesham A.Khan, CMT, CFTe
  • Level: Beginner

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Duration: 1 Month (Weekends and One Weekday, Twice a Week)

Course Overview:
This introductory course on Technical Analysis is designed to provide participants with foundational knowledge and practical skills in analyzing financial markets. It focuses on understanding price movements, chart patterns, and various technical indicators used in stock, forex, and commodity markets. Ideal for beginners, this course is structured to cover both theoretical concepts and hands-on chart analysis.

Week 1: Basics of Technical Analysis
– Session 1: Introduction to Financial Markets
– Overview of Stock, Forex, and Commodity Markets
– Role and Importance of Technical Analysis
– Session 2: Understanding Price Charts
– Types of Charts: Line, Bar, and Candlestick
– Reading Candlestick Patterns

Week 2: Trend Analysis and Chart Patterns**
– Session 3: Identifying Market Trends
– Uptrends, Downtrends, and Sideways Trends
– Trendlines and Channels
– Session 4: Introduction to Chart Patterns
– Common Patterns: Head and Shoulders, Double Tops and Bottoms
– Continuation Patterns: Triangles, Flags, and Pennants

**Week 3: Technical Indicators and Oscillators**
– **Session 5:** Moving Averages
– Simple and Exponential Moving Averages
– Crossovers and their Significance
– **Session 6:** Momentum Indicators
– Relative Strength Index (RSI)
– Stochastic Oscillator

Week 4: Practical Application and Strategy Development**
– Session 7: Integrating Technical Analysis Tools
– Combining Chart Patterns with Indicators
– Risk Management in Technical Analysis
– Session 8: Building a Trading Strategy
– Developing a Personalized Trading Plan
– Backtesting and Evaluating Strategies

Course Delivery:
– Interactive Lectures
– Practical Chart Analysis Sessions
– Weekly Assignments and Feedback
– Access to Trading Simulation Software

Target Audience:
– Beginners in Financial Market Trading
– Individuals Interested in Technical Analysis
– Aspiring Financial Analysts

Learning Outcomes:
– Understand key concepts and tools in technical analysis.
– Analyze price charts and identify market trends.
– Use technical indicators to make informed trading decisions.
– Develop and backtest basic trading strategies.

6 reviews for Introduction To Technical Analysis

  1. Aditya M.Chopra

    I really like Sir Ehtesham’s way of teaching. This course really helped me to understand the dynamics of financial market.

  2. Ahemd Ali

    Ehtesham Khan’s course provided a clear and thorough understanding of technical analysis. His expertise as a CMT, CFTe really shines through in his teaching. Highly recommended for anyone looking to deepen their market analysis skills.

  3. Fatima Hussain

    As a beginner in the world of trading, I found this course incredibly insightful. Mr. Khan’s methodical approach made complex concepts easy to grasp. I now feel more confident in my trading decisions.

  4. Yusuf Iqbal

    The practical examples and real-time market analysis were the highlights of this course for me. Ehtesham Khan’s experience and depth of knowledge in technical analysis is truly commendable.

  5. Hania Amir

    This course was a game-changer! The blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application has equipped me with essential tools for effective trading. Ehtesham Khan is an exceptional instructor.

  6. Omar Farooq

    Introduction to Technical Analysis by Ehtesham Khan was both engaging and informative. His teaching style is very interactive and encourages participation, which enhances the learning experience.

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