Technical Analysis Mastery (03 Modules)

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Technical Analysis Mastery

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Modules – 3 Modules | 2.5 Months each

Course Duration – 06 Months

Module 1 – Introduction to Technical Analysis (2.5 Months, 10 Lessons, Fee: 850 USD)

Module 2 – Theory and Analysis (2.5 Months, 10 Lessons, Fee: 850 USD)

Module 3 – The Integration of Technical Analysis (2.5 Months, 14 Lessons, Fee: 850 USD)


Note: If you buy a Package of Three, the price will be $2,400

3 Modules |2.5 Months each

Module 1 – Introduction to Technical Analysis (2.5 Months, 10 Lessons, Fee: 850 USD)

Module 2 – Theory and Analysis (2.5 Months, 10 Lessons, Fee: 850 USD)

Module 3 – The Integration of Technical Analysis (2.5 Months, 14 Lessons, Fee: 850 USD)

What is this course for?

•Learn how to trade like a professional investor from Pakistan’s renowned market expert EhteshamKhan, CMT, CFTe
•No matter how much experience you have with the financial markets, you can trust us to teach you the fundamentals of technical analysis, and get you started on the right track!
•This course is great for beginners till advanced level practitioners, who are still learning the financial markets.
•Take this course to take your investing game to the next level!
•Module I to III of this intense course is for someone, who is new to the financial markets and want to build foundational concept step by step for professional trading approaches, getting clarity about so this course is for you.
•Module I of this course is also for someone who wants to prepare for the CMT Level I exam, this course is specifically designed to help candidates for getting a fairly decent feeler about the CMT entire curriculum and study areas and scope.
•Module II and Module III is intermediate to advance level of Technical Analysis course.
•If you’re a trader who trades Forex, Crypto, and Stocks on the basis of Technical Analysis indicators but still wants to learn and get foundational concepts and an idea, then this course is for you.
•Most importantly this course is for someone who wants to use the stock markets /financial markets to generate a source of income, perhaps this is the best choice to start and gain financial independence and embrace your journey.

What you’ll learn?

•You’ll learn basic idea about Technical Analysis, Theory, and Concept behind different approaches, Moreover, with the proper application of the mentioned concepts and carrying out task after each class you’ll be able to,
•Identify Trends & Trade stocks like the professional!
•Quickly understand Trend Reversal and Avoid the common mistakes that new traders tend to make.
•Calculate support & resistance to measure risk vs. reward.
•Learn the phycology behind investor decisions.
•Buy & sell the stock with confidence!
•Then let’s begin…
•And gain some basic idea about THE FOUR SECTIONS of this course topics and area of discussions.

Who is Ehtesham Khan?


•Ehtesham Khan began trading the financial markets in 2004, and actively trades equities, futures, forex, cryptos, and index options. As the Head of Capital Markets Group over his more than decade-long stay in one of Pakistan’s top sovereign funds, he provides multiple trade strategies and leadership for his team of professionals & consistently achieving returns that outperform the broader markets.
•In 2014 Ehtesham developed a platform for teaching technical analysis among his followers and writing blogs about what he looks around the world technically, he started teaching market professionals in collaboration with Pakistan Stock Exchange, Institute of Financial Market Pakistan, Canadian Institute & CMT Association, USA.
•In 2020, Ehtesham started his own venture EK Global Capital, a registered and licensed investment advisory firm by SECP, where he manages investor’s pool of funds as a security adviser under his discretionary mandate.
•Ehtesham is the lead content creator for a variety of middle eastern financial institutions, technical strategist adviser for brokerage houses, and instructor of complete investing courses targeted to professionals and individual traders. His content covers the full spectrum of market knowledge from the basics of investing essentials through advanced options and technical analysis. He has been recognized as a co-founder of the CMT Society Pakistan Chapter.
•Ehtesham’s more than 15 years of professional career includes successful positions as Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst, Stockbroker, Head Capital Markets, Chief Technical Strategist, financial education instructor, and content creator. Ehtesham has been Pakistan’s number 1 CMT Charter holder and Certified Financial Technician.

11 reviews for Technical Analysis Mastery (03 Modules)

  1. Danish Ikhlaq

    it really helped me to kick start my professional trading journey. Sir Ehtesham and his team is very professional and qualified in the subject.

  2. Hitesh Patel

    very informative and helpful. I’m impressed.

  3. Saba Kanwal

    I like sir Ehtesham way of teaching. I’m a housewife and I started trading successfully after taking this course. Thank you.

  4. Bilal Chaudhry

    I like the way of teaching. It really helped me to understand stock market dynamics and tricks.

  5. hira saeed

    I think this is the most relevant and value-for-money course. I earned more than what I paid for. Thank you team Market thinktank and sir ehtesham, he is a professional person. regards,

  6. Mustafa Sardar

    I like the comprehensive course. It covers everything that I wanted to learn for my trading journey.

  7. Dilshad Ali

    I like the teaching style of Sir Ehtesham. it is commendable. Hatss off. love the way ! thnku sir.

  8. Ambreen Chaudhry

    I m impressed with the knowledge he shares. highly recommended to his depth of information.

  9. Annandya Kumar

    Thank you sir, love and respect from India

  10. Daniyal Hashmi

    Ehtesham is really good. He is pro and he knows his subject better than anyone else in Pakistan, I can guarantee that.

  11. Ashfaq Khan

    if you want to get top skills in Technical Analysis, I highly recommend you this course. He is qualified, he is experienced and he can teach at your level. Good luck!

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