Trading Mentorship 1-1 Program

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Embark on a transformative journey towards honing your skills as a technical strategist, analyst, or informed investor with our in-depth Technical Analysis course, designed to cover all financial markets. This comprehensive training is suited for a diverse group of financial professionals, including treasury personnel, forex traders, commodity traders, equity traders, fund managers, high net-worth individuals, and discerning investors.

Our program opens the door to mastering the critical elements and best practices across various financial markets, not just the stock market.

Under the tutelage of our renowned instructor—a seasoned investment manager and CMT charterholder—expand your expertise and elevate your market analysis. As a CMT Association approved prep provider, we ensure that our curriculum is meticulously crafted to empower you with cutting-edge technical analysis skills essential for today’s dynamic financial environments.


Get 1:1 Trading Mentorship directly from the Technical Trading Specialist and renowned Market Professionals at MARKET THINKTANK with a personalized journey from Learning Technical Analysis to making your profitable trades.

Elevate your trading expertise under the guidance of our distinguished instructor—a renowned market professional, seasoned investment manager, and a CMT (Chartered Market Technician) charterholder. We take pride in being an officially approved CMT Association preparatory provider, ensuring that our curriculum is aligned with the highest standards of excellence in technical analysis training. Join our program and tap into the wealth of knowledge that will set you apart in the competitive world of finance.

This program will lead you to understand the basics to advance level Technical Trading approach with specific focus on Stock Market’s tradings.

Our Team of experts will help you in expanding your views and understandings about the Stock Market.

This outline is as follows

Week 1 Introduction to Stock Trading
Week 2 Price Actions
Week 3 Volume & Moving Averages
Week 4 Candlesticks
Week 5 Patterns
Week 6 Indicators
Week 7 Inter Market Analysis
Week 8 Money & Trade Management (T.E.S.T)
Week 9 Bullish Trading Strategies
Week 10 Bearish Trading Strategies
Week 11 Price Target & Stop Loss Techniques
Week 12 Identifying Highly Profitable Trade Setups

23 reviews for Trading Mentorship 1-1 Program

  1. Rehab

    Because of the thorough treatment of the subject and the trainer’s practical knowledge of it, I heartily recommend market thinktank for those interested in learning technical analysis.

  2. Syed Itebar Ali

    I really like the way of teaching in this course, and I also like the practical exposure of Stock Trading by using Technical Analysis.
    Thnx Sir Ehtesham and Team Market ThinkTank. Best Wishes.

  3. Shamraiz Sabir

    Technical Analysis helped to start my trading career in Stock Market. Now I can trade local as well as international market. Thank you!

  4. Ovais

    A very comprehensive explanation of stock trading using technical analysis and real time practical exposure.

  5. Maliha

    I like sir Ehtesham’s way of teaching, he is truely talented and knowledgable. I highly rate this course.

  6. Mustafa Sardar

    This man is blessing. I was loosing alot of money in trading, ever since I joined his course, I started making money. Thank you Sir. I’m bolige.

  7. Asif Mangi

    love the way he teaches. I highly recommend MARKET THINKTANK.

  8. Laila Naz

    I’m full time technical trader, this program has changed my way of trading. I really appreciate sir Ehtesham, his dedication throughout in my learning journey. Thank You Sir. Highly recommended.

  9. Wajahat Ali

    Im Sir Ehtesham student, a forex trader. This is my best investment I every made for learning technical analys. Thank you1

  10. Anish Sheikh

    Highly recommended.

  11. Ahmed Ali

    Im a commodity trader from Duabi. Thank you market thinktank. This is best course.

  12. Ibrahim Imtiaz

    This is best program. love it.

  13. John Doe

    Incredible learning experience! The course was comprehensive and the instructor’s expertise in technical analysis is unparalleled. Highly recommended for anyone serious about mastering market trends

  14. Sarah Smith

    As a beginner, I found this course to be a perfect starting point. The concepts were clearly explained and the practical sessions were extremely helpful. A game-changer for my trading strategy!

  15. Michael Johnson:

    The depth of knowledge I gained from this course is astounding. The real-world examples and interactive sessions made complex topics easy to grasp. This course has been a major asset in my trading career.

  16. Emily Davis

    Absolutely top-notch! The course content is well-structured and up-to-date with current market scenarios. The instructors are knowledgeable and approachable, making learning a breeze.

  17. Raj Patel

    This course transformed my approach to trading. The balance between theoretical understanding and practical application is just perfect. It’s a must for anyone looking to excel in financial markets

  18. Ahmed Al-Farsi

    This course is a treasure trove of knowledge in technical analysis. The instructor’s expertise and the interactive sessions made complex concepts easy to understand. An excellent investment for anyone in the financial markets!

  19. Noor Al-Rashid

    I was amazed by the depth of knowledge this course offers. The interactive sessions were particularly engaging, helping me to apply concepts in real-time market scenarios.

  20. Omar Al-Najjar

    A comprehensive and well-structured course, ideal for anyone looking to master technical analysis. The instructors are experienced and very approachable, making complex topics easy to understand.

  21. Aisha Al-Sheikh

    The practical approach of this course is its true strength. The live market analysis and case studies helped bridge the gap between theory and practice. Highly recommended for aspiring traders.

  22. Hassan Al-Amari

    his course offered me invaluable insights into the world of technical analysis. The quality of the course material and the expertise of the instructors is top-notch.

  23. Layla Al-Aziz

    A fantastic learning journey! The course is well-paced and covers all aspects of technical analysis. It has given me the confidence and skills to make informed trading decisions.

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