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Right Analysis is the fuel for success for any size organization across all industries. As the Pulse rate of your body is the Data for Your Doctor, Prices in Financial Markets are Data for the Smart investors.

Insights from data helps you to innovate and make smarter decisions based on facts, instead of Gut feeling. Being data-driven is about giving the Investments decision makers the power to make Good Predictions.


Trading Research & Training Platform

As comprehensive Trading Research and Training Platform, we are committed to assure a long lasting learning experience for our participants.
At “Market ThinkTank”, we believe in providing financial education to all by leveraging systems & technologies, to be more efficient and making well informed decisions timely which fill the gap between theoretical knowledge about financial tools and econometric theories, pricing models into working models and strategies

Invest on Yourself, before Investing In Markets

Fact-based decisions, powered by Technical Analytics, enable Investors to more accurately define their strategy and be successful.

Thanks to Market ThinkTank, Investors can be more profitable, achieve better performance, increase market return and improve relative performance.

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Watch our 13-minute video and get an insight on how to study for Level I CMT Exam by an expert .

Imagine how great it feels to be the well informed investor who take these steps — ahead of the crowd!

Ehtesham Khan, CMT, CFTe

Bullish or bearish, there is a land of opportunities out there — and we help you identify them:

  • Contrarian opportunities to buy near the bottom… when others panic and sell
  • Shrewd opportunities to short the market… using popular tools.
  • Exit opportunities to wisely step out of the way before the markets get too crazy


Learn 5 facts about trading.

Let investments intelligence and better Portfolio Management ideas be part of your next investments Plan.  

“My days used to be quite hectic. Market ThinkTank Online Classes helped me to peruse my goal for being financially independent and earn money with trading and investing skills while staying at home. 
These training module  helped me get more organized trading positions.

Thank you!” 

Lauren Jack -Full time Trader

About us

Market ThinkTank is a group of highly trained market professionals with experience in frontier and emerging markets disciplines, offering training services for trading,investments and Portfolio Planing/Management and much more.

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Market ThinkTank serves the investment community by promoting the highest standards of professional excellence, integrity and ethics. 

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