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CMT - (chartered market technician)

What is the CMT Program?

CMT Program was created in 1985 and is administered by the CMT Association (formerly known as MTA). The CMT Association is a global credentialing body, Learn more

Is CMT (chartered market technician) worth it?

CMT designation helps you to distinguish yourself among thousand of technical analyst around the globe. The intense Program fill any learning gaps you may have for understanding Technical Analysis concepts. Learn More

How To Become A Chartered Market Technician® (CMT)?

To earn your CMT designation, here are three main steps you’ll need to follow to earn your charter.

Step 1: Pass all three levels of the CMT Exam.
Step 2: Become a CMT Association’s Member
Step 3: Complete Work Experience Requirements, You should have at least 3 Years of relevant work experience.
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How much do CMT make?

It all depends on your personal skills and ability to gauge market with the CMT learned tools. Learn More

How long does it take to study for CMT & become CMT Charterholder?

It takes almost 3 years in most cases to get CMT designation. There are 3 levels of exam and each exam is offered twice in a year, so you can complete 3 levels latest by 18-months. However, then you require sponsorship for CMT designation as well, so after completing 3 levels + sponsorship you need to wait until CMT Board finally approves you as CMT Charter-holder.

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How often is the CMT exam offered?

The CMT exams are set to take place twice each year, in the months of June and December, spanning a duration of two weeks each time. This schedule is relevant for the given year. It’s important to note that the CMT exam covers all three levels and is conducted biannually.

Furthermore, for all upcoming test administrations, the option of remote proctoring is available, adhering to strict guidelines. Additional details about this remote proctoring option are accessible for interested candidates.

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